Expanding Global Enterprise


Carrix is a diverse global network of multi-modal transportation and logistics solutions.

Keeping business moving

Carrix and affiliates keep business moving. As one of the world’s largest privately held marine terminal and rail operators, we have the transportation experience, breadth and diversity to drive global commerce forward.

People driven

Our employees are our most valuable assets, so we invest in their long-term career development – empowering them with skills and experience unmatched in the industry.

Our operations staff and senior managers average over 20 years with the company, and we provide both specialized and complementary task training that elevates employees’ productivity, expertise and satisfaction.  Customers benefit from a highly efficient workforce of hands-on solution providers focused on delivering the highest level of cost-effective service.


We have more than 30 strategic alliances with the world’s major shipping lines and partner companies – all to provide the most comprehensive transportation offerings and services wherever we operate.

We value our solid, long-lasting relationships with our customers, allowing us to work together in developing creative solutions for the near-term and future business requirements.

Positioned for growth

Our portfolio of assets and business lines – diversified across geographic locations and cargo types – provides strength during market fluctuations.

We have long-term commitment and a significant market share of terminal operations in strategic locations around the world.  In addition, we are expanding terminal development and operations in many more global markets, positioning us for continued future growth.

With port operations across five continents and a vast network of transportation solutions, we open new opportunities that accelerate the pace and growth of global business.

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Tideworks is a full-service provider of cost-effective, reliable terminal operating and graphical planning solutions for marine and intermodal operations around the world.

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Rail Management Services is the industry leader in rail yard management. As one of the world’s largest rail yard operators, with 42 facilities in 16 states, RMS serves all U.S. Class 1 railroads.

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